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St Lukes Newsletter Summer 18


Coffee Morning to raise funds for St. Luke’s on Saturday May 12th

A coffee morning is planned for this Saturday, May 12th, to raise funds for St. Luke’s Hospital in Hiranpur. All are welcome and bring your friends.
During the morning, Robert Glennie will do a presentation called “St. Luke’s then and now”
St Anne’s Church Hall, Forfar Rd, Coupar Angus. PH13 9 AN.
Saturday 12th may 10 am – 12 noon.
During the moring Robert Glennie will do his presentation – “St Luke’s then & now”.
The garden at Ardnashiel open 10 am – 4pm. See separate post.

St Luke’s Hospital Registration – good news indeed

The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 is an Act of the Parliament of India.

 It seeks to regulated all clinical establishments in India. 

The Act requires all clinical establishments to register themselves and provides a set of standard treatment guidelines for common diseases and conditions.

The CEA was adopted by many of the States in India, including Jharkhand back in 2012. But to date St Luke’s Hospital, one of the largest NGO’s in Jharkhand had never applied for registration.

The Malda Eye Institute, are keen to establish Eye Services at St Luke’s Hospital, and it was only in 2016, when we were investigating how to facilitate this, that we came to know SLH was not registered. 

Initially the application was turned down, but on 13th October a fresh application was filed so that we could legally have inpatient work going on here. And the registration came through on 19th January.

 Registration is something we require to do on an annual basis, but achieving this for the first time is always the biggest hurdle.


Patient Stories

WARNING – some of these stories are upsetting.

Please pray for three motherless little boys and their grandparents, distraught at the premature death of their 22 year old daughter. (No photo for this story – not appropriate to print)

 Mum dies after her twins are born

We are beginning to feel something sad or tragic happens whenever we come to Scotland to work

Elisabeth was looking after a young Mum expecting twins – she already had a little boy  3 years old. She was anaemic and underweight, but her family were trying their best to help her, buying medicines and feeding her well. We had also given her two doses of an injection to mature her babies lungs in case she went into labour early – her due date was after we returned from Scotland, but in the event she went into labour over a month prematurely.

 We were really sad on our return to learn this Mum had died after giving birth to twins on 16th November. Her family are grieving and still distraught, – they themselves are quite young and have a four year old daughter the same age as their little grandson who is now motherless.

The twins are OK, and everything went well with normal delivery of both babies, but then Mum just started bleeding and never stopped – and it was the usual story – they were turned away from three hospitals and she died on the road to the 4th. People don’t want to look after any patient they feel might die – in case they are blamed. And of course part of their fear is the families of dying patients taking justice into their own hands – and beating up the doctors, nurses and others who are trying to care for them. This would not have been the case with the family in question, but hospitals don’t want to take the risk. We need to keep on praying that St Luke’s will be able to open its doors to inpatients.


 Children having a bath and washing their clothes in the winter sun.



Various photos of children whose story appeared in the Winter Newsletter.

little boy Anand brought unconciouslittle boy Anand recovers from meningitisgrandfather brings child to clinicfather of child with epilepsy